Yukihide YT Takiyama


currently lives in Los Angeles, California. YT attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, and studied Music Arrangement and Orchestration. After relocating to Los Angeles, YT became a member of THE BOXING GANDHIS, who released two albums from Atlantic Records. YT joined COLBIE CAILLAT's band, performed live and appeared on her first album "Coco".

As a MUSIC DIRECTOR, YT directed numbers of album recordings for Japanese artist, ARASHI and KAT-TUN (J-Storm). YT wrote a song "Lips" for KAT-TUN, which became No.1 hit on the chart, sold half million copies, which is considered as platinum record in U.S. He arranged and recorded Guitars on this song along with Billy Sheehan on Bass and Simon Phillips on Drums. He has appeared as guitarist, bassist and arranger on KATTUN's other singles and albums as well.

YT has been working with legendary Japanese rock artist KYOSUKE HIMURO since 2010. He arranged and performed guitars on HIMURO's album "B"orderless", as well as singles "If You Want" (NTV "NEWS ZERO" theme song) and "Warriors" (which features YT's composition "Play Within a Play" on B side). YT and HIMURO created a unit called GOSPELS OF JUDAS, and co wrote "Bloody Moon", which is used as main theme song for Sony Playstation's "Ryu-Ga-Gotoku 5".
GOSPELS OF JUDAS released its first album "IF" from Warner Music Japan in 2018.

In 2017, YT started working with one of the biggest Japanese Rock band "B'z", arranged music for their album "Dinosaur", and their upcoming album "New Love". YT will be joining support band as guitarist on their "B'z Live-Gym 2019-Whole Lotta NEW LOVE" Japan tour.